Book List

As part of  its Archive, the Group collects books and other printed material relating to, or containing reference to, the village and Parish of Marldon.  

Since our formation in September 2001, we have collected, through donation and purchase, a large collection of old and new books with a Marldon connection, together with other books of more general South Devon interest.

The Group is happy to make any book in its collection available for borrowing by Members of the Group, and below is a list, with brief comments where appropriate.

Books by Elizabeth Goudge (1900 - 1984).

Elizabeth Goudge was a well known author, who had over 40 books published together with several collections and anthologies.  Elizabeth Goudge lived in Marldon between 1939 and 1951, writing several books including “Smoky House”  and “The White Witch”, “The Castle on the Hill” “The Little White Horse” and “Gentian Hill”, all based on the locality.  It was here too that she wrote her greatest commercial success “Green Dolphin Country” which was made into a film in the United States.

For more information about Elizabeth Goudge and her time in Marldon Click Here


Island Magic (1934) 


The Bird in the Tree (1940)


Green Dolphin Country (1944)


At the Sign of the Dolphin (Anthology) (1947)


The Herb of Grace (aka Pilgrim’s Inn)(1948)


Gentian Hill (1949)


Make Believe (1949)


The Reward of Faith (1949)


The Heart of the Family (1953)


The Rosemary Tree (1956)


The Dean’s Watch (1960)


The Scent of Water (1963)


The Joy of the Snow (autobiography)(1974)


Three Cities of Bells (collection) (1965)


Linnets and Valerians (1964)


The Child from the Sea (1970)


The White Witch (1958)


God so loved the world (1951)


A Book of Faith (Anthology) 1976


The Middle Window (1935)


The City of Bells (1936)


Towers in the mist (1938)


Smoky House (1940)


The Castle on the hill (1942) (Paperback)


The Valley of Song (1951)


The book of comfort (Anthology)(1964)


A Christmas Book (1967)


 Henrietta's House (1942)


Old Cockington - Vol 1 by Joan F. Lang - pub. `1971

A Place in the Country by Barry Turner - pub. 1973

A History of the Torbay Lifeboats by Alan Salsbury - pub. 2002

The Land changed its face - Grace Bradbeer 1997

Old Devon Customs - J.R.W. Coxlead

Devon's Glorious Past - 1939 - 1945 Barry Powell 1995

A Fortnight in Devon - Gordon Cooper 1950

Rambles in South Devon - Hugh Page 1951

Glorious Devon by coach, car & cycle - Devonian Publishers                                         Top

Recipes for wartime - Torquay & Paignton Gas Co.

List of Ancient Monuments in Devon - Ministry of Works 1955

Compton Castle (National Trust Guides) - 1978, 1979,  2000, 2005

History of Kingskerswell - Devon Arch. Society 1972

The Book of Kingskerswell - Gerald Quinn 2003

Totnes - Tod Gray & Bob Mann 2003

Totnes Past & Present (all photographs) - David F. Vodden - 2004

A Torbay Century - John Pike & Mike Thompson 2003

Marldon Parish Church Guides - 1941, 1951,1974, 1996

"The Bells of Marldon Church" by Cmdr W.R. Gilbert with foreword by Elizabeth  Goudge. Pub. 1970.

Devon Worthies - Wheaton & Co. 1903 (biographies of famous Devonians inc Raleigh & Gilbert)

What Devon & Cornwall did for the World (West Country explorers & colonisers) - Reg Scott - 1996

On Guard ! (A history of the 10th (Torbay) Battalion Devonshire Home Guard (mentions of Marldon) - G.H. Lidstone -1945

South Devon - Drake's Dreamland - Edmund Burton (c. early 1950's)

Reports & Transactions of The Devonshire Association relating to the Parish of Marldon (20 plus various reports and articles dating from 1900-1968, compiled by the Group)

South Devon Pubs - Judy Chard 1993                                                                         Top

Along the Lemon - Judy Chard 1978

Plymouth - more pictures from the past - Guy Fleming 1966

Paignton in Six Reigns - F. Ralph Penwill 1953

Berry Pomeroy Castle - Mortimer c.1935

Devonshire" (from The County Books Series) by D. St. Leger-Gordon. Pub. 1950

A Book of Dartmoor" by S. Baring-Gould. Pub. 1900

Highways & Byways in Devon & Cornwall" by Arthur H. Norway. Pub. 1900

Devon" ((Penguin Guides) ed. by L. Russell Muirhead

Devonshire" (The Little Guides Series) by S. Baring-Gould. 1931, 1949 & 1959 editions#

Exploring Green lanes in the South Hams - Valerie Besley. 2004

 Exploring Green Lanes in the South Hams - Valerie Belsey - pub by Green Books  2003. (24 circular walks on Green Lanes, inc. Compton Castle to Berry Pomeroy  Castle).

Folk Tales of Devon - V. Sharman. 1952

Cockram's Tourist Guide to Torquay & its neighbours - E. Cockram.

Prehistoric Hill Forts in Devon - Aileen Fox. 1996

Archaeology in Devon - Devon County Council. 1980                                                    Top

Totnes Official Guide - 1952

Carter Country - Brian Carter. 1989

Prehistoric Life in South Devon - John Allan. 1993

The Devonshire Dialect - Clement Martin. 1992 edition (orig. pub. 1973). Peninsula Press.

Flibberts and Skriddicks (Stories and poems in the Devon Dialect) - Clement Martin. 1983.

Devonshire (Cambridge County Geographies Series) - Francis Knight & Louis Dutton - 1910

Devon Reflections - Jilly Carter 1990

Bygones - South Devon Memories - Herald Express 1987

Torquay in Times Past - Catherine Rothwell 1990

Torbay Towns by Anne Born (pub. 1989).

Torquay & Paignton - the making of a modern resort by H.J. Lethbridge (pub.2003)

Toll Houses of South Devon by Tim Jenkinson (pub. 2009).

A Paignton Scrapbook - Peggy Parnell - pub. 2007

Devonshire's Own - John Van der Kiste - pub. 2007

Local History Detective - pub. by Readers Digest - 2007

A Handbook of Devon Parishes (A complete Guide for local and family historians) - Helen Harris - pub. 2004

Books by John Pike, local historian and former Librarian, Torquay Library.                                     Top

Portrait of Torbay - 1970

Paignton - 1974

Torquay - 1973

Brixham - 1973

Paignton - (from the “Images of England” series) 1997

Ipplepen - Arthur French (pub. 2003) Obelisk Pub.

Berry Pomeroy Castle - Stewart Brown (pub. 1997 rptd 2003) English Heritage.

Francis Frith's Paignton - Peggy Parnell (pub. 2002) Frith Book Co.

The Torquay Marine Spa - Frank Pearce (pub 2000) Orchard Pub.

"Devon" by V.C. Clinton-Baddeley.  (from Black's  Popular Series). Pub. 1925.

 The Family History book by Stella Colwell. Pub. Phaidon Press Ltd -  1980.

 Cockington Bygones (mentions of Stantor and  Marldon) - Brian Read. Pub. by Portcullis Publishing - 1999.

The West Country (from About Britain series) -  Geoffrey Griffon - pub. by Collinns - 1951

Discovering Parish Boundaries  (from the Discovering Series) -  Angus Winchester.

Published 1990 by Shire Publications.

Discovering Local History (from the Discovering Series) - David Iredale.   Edition published 1980 by Shire Publications.

The Story of Cockington Church -   Deryck Seymour.  Published 1990.

Devon off the beaten track - Tricia Gerrish.  Published 2002 by Countryside Books.

Devon Curiosities - Jane Langton.   Published 1989 by Bossiney Books.

People and Places in Devon - Monica Wyatt.  Published 1985 by Bossiney Books.

Paranormal in the West country - Michael Williams.  Published 1986 by Bossiney Books.

Discover the Churches of Dartmoor - John Pegg.  Published 19896 by John Pegg Publishing.

Devon Archaeological Society Proceedings No: 50 - 1992 - "Excavations at Bulleigh Meadow, Marldon, and other sites in Devon (includes separate booklet on Marldon site).

Devon Archaeological Society Proceedings No: 38 - 1980 - "Prehistoric Open Settllement at Dainton, South Devon" and separate Guide by English Heritage for excavations in 1986.

If you have any books which you think may be of interest to the Group, and which you wish to donate or sell, please contact our Chairman Tony Chidlow  (01803 521419).