Marldon Tithe Map
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    A Brief Introduction to the Marldon Tithe Map

    Originally a ‘tithe’ was an annual payment, usually around one-tenth of the productive capacity of a plot of land, payable by parishioners to the parish church. Paid for ‘in kind’, tithes were due on such things as arable produce, livestock, fishing and manufacture - like mills for example.

    In 1836 money officially replaced the ‘in kind’ payments where it had not already done so and around 1840, in the absence of any Ordnance Survey maps (yet to be produced), maps were especially drawn up to record the likes of parish, field and plot boundaries on which tithes were expected to be paid.

    Having determined an overall tithe value for the parish asMarldon Tithe Map a whole, the rent-charge then had to be apportioned fairly according to the number and acreage of plots and their owners. This ‘register’ became the basis for the ‘Tithe Apportionment’ in any one parish which included such details as field numbers (which could be cross referenced to the maps) and their corresponding field names, owners names, occupiers names etc.

    The Marldon Local History Group, being aware of the existence of such maps and registers at the Devon Local Records Office in Exeter, thought it would a good idea if a copy of these items could be made available in the parish. For those who are interested in such things it is an ideal way to see where development has taken place, how the landscape has changed and which geographical names have survived the centuries. The committee thought long and hard over the best place to hold such documents but from the point of view of accessibility and security alone, there were never any easy answers.

    Over the course of time however, whilst copies of the tithe map and the corresponding apportionment were being made, the Marldon Local History website was being developed for other reasons; at the stage where the website became fully operational it seemed more than appropriate to post details of the Marldon tithe map project on the same site.

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 Key Includes (a) orchard; (b) barn; (c) coppice/plantation; (d) watering place; (g) garden; (k) kiln; (l) linhay; (n) nursery; (o) outhouse/store/cellar (p) pond; (q) quarry; (r) road; (w) waste; (y) yard; (ap) alder plot